Sunday, March 22, 2009

What is a great teacher?

I was just browsing a few articles on Yahoo Education I like to peruse the site every so often to see what new ideas are being talked about. I found an older article with nice information about what makes a great teacher while reading this it reminded me about my daughters 1st grade teacher Mrs. Macelravy . She was the best teacher I have ever met! She looked like she came right off leave it to beaver but in color and I mean COLOR. She was only going to be here a year a military wife, our principal at the time told the faculty she was having a hard time filling the position with the right person so she chose this lady because it would give her a year to find the right permanent fit for the school.

From the parent side a lot of the parents had a few assumptions about what she was going to be like. What a surprise on "meet the teacher" day and as a teacher there I thought our nun teacher had finally lost it. She was a beautiful older blond woman dressed in a tasteful large floral print fluffy sundress with real pearl earrings and necklace, think of Mrs. Beaver with bright pink open toe 3 inch heels. She dressed like that every day! In the winter long sleeve bright colored dresses with bright colored high heel boots! What a bright winter we had and she made such a difference in one year it was like a bright Mary Poppins teacher that opened our eyes, set our standards very high. My daughter still talks about her in 6th grade. She was the BEST teacher I have ever met just read that article and it was like reading about her. While I read it that was the teacher I thought about. What teacher do you think of a teacher from your childhood or one of your child's teachers?

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