Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do You Have The Balls to Use These In Class!

Using exercise balls instead of chairs in the classroom. The balls are most common in elementary classrooms, but I don't see why high school and middle school couldn't use them, where high-energy students can wiggle while they work.

Check out the news story and photo from http://www.kansascity.com/shawnee_mission/story/1051306.html

What did you think I was going to be!

I love the idea of this!

I have been making my daughter use one of these off and on while using the computer. She really doesn't like to use it but after reading more about it I think she needs a larger one, I have a medium, a larger one would let her sit comfortably so her arms rest correctly. I picked this picture because it shows how each child's desk and ball are customized to fit them correctly. From my experience this is very important for it to work comfortably. I would use this if I wasn't in the art room. The children are already standing, moving and rarely sit, unless they are disrupting the class. However if I ever go back into the regular classroom I would do this in a heartbeat.

I have always been the kind of person to do and then ask for forgiveness of the administration. So far I haven't ruffled too many feathers I am just considered the crazy art teacher. Now get paid to present workshops about my craziness! We just had the head of our diocese (what public would call the super) come in and observe the school yesterday. The one came straight to my room after the meeting to see what new things were happening. Of course I was having the kids work with plaster so everything was a mess, the floor, the kids, ME, and the hall leading to my room! It was like a little white road to my room. I forgot they were coming that day! Oh well I guess I can be messy since it is the art room.

Here is a Video and two news stories about a class that did the switch.



Then a training and school supplier for these balls


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