Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The voucher System

So many issues around the voucher system the good, the bad and the ugly!

I myself am for a voucher system and have been even before my child began going to a private school. Schools are a business and a business to educate students. Yes some public and even private schools fail this. The difference is the public schools continue to fail and fail and fail, just Google Philadelphia School District a big one in the news for failure. Then families move from the failing districts it is like a cattle herd running leaving the weak in the dust. Those who cannot afford to move stay and suffer with what is left. The failing private schools just close no endless cycle. However those schools that succeed and get top marks private or public are sought after. Ever hear of a waiting list for those sought after private school places, means they can ask for more tuition meaning better education, more supplies and higher paid faculty with better education. Those public school districts that succeed grow and the community grows with it, which also brings in economic increase to the area. One example is

One really good document that gives what a successful school district is:

School Voucher links;_ylt=AqUlnEvZ6jsXPXvQOJ83LZtQXs8F

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