Monday, March 23, 2009

E-mail Just my take on it!

Ok a little off topic but I am beginning to hate e-mail sometimes. I just recently had an issue with it coming and responding it to it in the wrong manner because I was dealing with another situation. I know looking back I should have waited but I just jumped in and rushed it. However also the person e-mailing me should not have e-mailed that subject it was one of those you pick up the phone and call the person type of thing. This got me thinking about communication in the classroom. Should teachers use e-mail? I know one teacher that lives on it, she is always e-mailing parents and I know parents that love to have that open communication to teachers. I have also talked to teachers that the administration wants them to keep it to a minimum due to parents misusing the e-mail. Saying the teacher said this, when really the teacher meant to say something else completely different, but it wasn't communicated correctly through e-mail. It was that pick up the phone thing again. I have read issues with teachers e-mailing students, my recommendation never do it I don't care if it just says homework science book page 35, to much liability. Now talking about liability I like how this school covers themselves with a waiver. I am going to bring that up to my principal for next year. I also like this site tek mom she has some good advice for privacy. From a parent standpoint I like this e –how article and from the teacher side I like this one for priceless teaching strategies. Either way e-mail is a tool, that needs to be used wisely, or don't click send until you are sure you have clearly made your point. If it is unclear or could be taken wrong, pick up that cell phone and leave a message I want to talk to you about this ___ ___ ___, if you really want to e-mail them then say I left a message but here is the info … call me if you have questions. You will be more likely to not to have a miscommunication on sensitive issues.

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