Monday, March 2, 2009

Is everything going to be about colleges?

So far everything has been for the colleges. I am a strong advocate for Early Childhood Education and the “Specials” (art, PE, music etc.). Early Childhood Education is crucial for later education success. Some programs such as Head Start and other ECE programs could use funding and incentives to get quality teachers into these programs. Because so far the majority of infant – preschool programs pay nothing!

Some have wonderful teachers and this is usually in the private sector headed by churches or organizations because they may not pay much, but most of the teachers do not rely on this income. It supplements the family income, they get tuition discounts or it is considered a service to the organization. Well maybe in this economy as jobs dry up some schools may lose some of the good teachers to other professions that pay higher wages. That is what I consider my job. I work in a Catholic school I make far less than my public school neighbors, but I consider my lower income a donation toward the church so they have a quality teacher in the Art classroom. This is a subject that not all schools public and private have a teacher for.
I believe college and vocational schools are extremely important but the other end of the education is just as needed as the latter.;_ylt=AkZaTJcUGvON5xbGteZEAb1QXs8F

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