Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why blog about education?

Why blog about education?
1. I am a Catholic School Art Teacher.
2. I have a passion about curriculum.

Not just art but across the board curriculum. I started out in art with Associates in Visual/Fine Arts. I realized I needed more than an AA in art. The birth of my first child introduced me to Early Childhood Education. So I took a few early childhood classes and enjoyed the education field. Went back to school for Bachelors in Art Education and minor in Early Childhood Education and kept going Masters of Early Childhood Education with emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction. I have presented workshops locally and nationally on a variety of curriculum topics.

I choose the private education sector because of the curriculum flexibility. I noticed many public schools are just teaching a very archaic curriculum view. Now not all! Same for the private schools all are not equal. I have just noticed awesome schools from both, the so-so schools and then lastly the ones that just have failed students for a variety of reasons. Just for my area I liked the local private school. We have the middle states accreditation and the only blue ribbon school for our diocese (public schools would call it a district in our area). Enough about me how are local schools in your area?

Here is an interesting read about education in America in gerenral

One specific article I think all educators and parents need to look at

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